16 August 2011

Taking Ava to the All About Baby Fair

Since Ava hasn't been baptized yet, we haven't taken her out that much.  Her only trips are to her pediatrician or her Lolo's house in Mandaluyong.  Now that we've finally set a date for her baptism, we are more confident in taking her out.

Last Saturday, before going to Mandaluyong, we went to the All About Baby Fair in Rockwell.  Ava had a blast seeing so many people and kids in one place.  We have noticed that Ava seems to  enjoy being around people.  We saw a number of people that we know when we were in Rockwell and everyone was amazed at how friend Ava is.  One time she was holding the finger of one of our acquaintance's daughter and she just wouldn't let go.  I think she wanted to take her "Ate" home with us hahaha!  :D

The fair was very organized and there were a lot of exhibitors that I have seen on-line.  I was able to buy a "Undercover Mama" and a "Mommy Necklace" from Mama.Baby.Love.

Undercover Mama:  You can connect this to your nursing bra so that when you breastfeed,
you are covered up.  This enables you to convert any normal outfit to a nursing outfit.
Mommy Necklace:  Ava can hold this necklace when she's
 breastfeeding instead of my hair or my shirt.

The highlight of our trip was finally meeting Mommy Paola of Mommy Treats.  I've been a fan of her ever since I heard about her lacation cookies and muffin bites.  I have been purchasing her goods since Ava was 2 months old as I was having a difficult time expressing milk.  As soon as I started eating them, I was able to express creamy milk instead of watered down milk.  Plus, my milk increased significantly.

It was great to finally meet her and her baby.  I was a little bit starstruck meeting her but that didn't stop me from buying a month's worth of treats.  Check out her site for her yummy treats and starting this month, she now has a new item on the list:  Chocolate Cookie Muffins!  Yay!  :D

Our outing made me realize that Ava is really growing up before our eyes.  I could remember when she didn't interact as much and just slept and cried all day.  Now, she's charming everyone that meets her.  It makes me so proud to have such a sweet daughter.  :D

Free photo booth pictures by Parteizeit!

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  1. God's truly blessed you with such a wonderful dad, err, child pala. The three of you are always prayed for so rest assured and be confident that our Lord God have all of you under His care.