10 December 2011

Ava and the Chicco I-Sit

We met with Ava's pediatrician, Dr. Alinea, for Ava's 7th month check up.  She gave us the go ahead for Ava to eat solid foods.  One of her suggestions was to get a high chair so that Ava can get used to eating with us.  

Last Thursday, my dad and I had this text conversation during lunch:
Dad:  I would like to buy a high-chair for Ava.
Me:   Really?  Okay.  Thanks!
Dad:  Sige.  Hanap ako.  (Okay.  I will look)
Me:  Yahoo!  :D  Tingin ka sa Baby & Co. sa SM.  (Check out Baby & Co. at SM)
And with that I went about my day.  When I got home at 7pm, I was surprised to see my Dad in our living room.  He usually lets me know when he will visit us.  I got even more surprised when I saw this:

Ava on an ultra-modern, super sleek high-chair!  Oh my goodness!  After our text conversation, my Dad went to Baby & Co. at the Rockwell Powerplant to purchase a high chair.   

My Dad bought Chicco's I-Sit Highchair.  According to Chicco's official website:
I-Sit highchair: it’s more fun to grow up hand in hand with somebody else!
I-Sit highchair becomes a true adult chair in a simple and intuitive way. When your baby is 6 months old I-Sit is an ultra-modern highchair for him to taste his first meals. When your child is 1 to 3 years old, I-Sit becomes a height-adjustable chair for your baby to share meals with the whole family. When your child is 3 years old or more, I-Sit turns into a proper chair to be used in the kitchen, in the dining room or at the desk in his own bedroom!
The new aluminium structure and innovative plastic seat make I-Sit an innovative highchair.
Design enters the world of children. Because love for design can be learnt at a very early age
Dimensions when open: 53 x 63.5 x 95.5 cm;Weight: 11.5 kg; 
photo courtesy of:  Design Group Italia
I'm happy with the I-Sit.  It's made of very sturdy material that can withstand Ava constantly moving around.  If she won't stop moving, we can use the chair's belt.  However, the buckle of the belt is complicated to lock but I'm sure we'll eventually get the hang of it.  I also like the fact that the chair can grow with Ava.  When Ava turns one, we can take out the table and it is now a toddler chair.  When she's older, the chair can then be converted to be desk chair.  Very sulit.  :D 

And in just a few short hours on the I-Sit, Ava was already commandeering her dinner.  *sigh*  My baby is growing up so quickly. 

Thanks for the gift Dad!  Ava and I love it!  :D

For more information on the I-Sit, please check out this link:

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