01 January 2012

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that everyone had an amazing yet safe new year celebration.  For this year, we celebrated in our home here in Malate.  We invited my Dad to join us in welcoming the new year as this will be our first New Year's Eve without Mom.

Here's Ava waiting for midnight on her walker.  Since Ava's legs are already getting stronger and she can push herself to stand already, the walker is used just to support her while she walks.  She doesn't even sit on walker anymore.   She just stands and pushes herself.  Thanks so much to the Ablans for giving her this walker.  :D

Our NYE spread.  Lumpia by Mama, Menudo by Dad, Baguettes from French Baker, Ham from Adelina's, Chocolate Mousse and Leche Flan from Goldilocks.

Ava and LoJo playing with our circuit breaker.  For some reason, Ava enjoys going to this area of our house and LoJo is the perfect person to bring her there since he used to be an Electrician's Mate (EM) in the United States Navy.

LoJo and Ava napping to keep their energy up when the clock strikes midnight.  Ava's happy because she has a ready made bed in the form of LoJo's tummy.

Light's out for Ava.  Sadly, she was asleep at midnight.  She woke up at 1:30 am fully charged and only went to sleep at 3:00 am.  Fun!  :P

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  1. Clarissa, as we look back on 2011, it would, at first, seem tragic, with the departure of your mom. But, as we all know that God controls everything here, I submitted to His will and realize that your mom is enjoying herself in heaven in the presence of the almighty and His saints! Who would not want that? We go through some sadness as we miss her, but my grief is tempered with joy, knowing what she is doing now. Eternally in the arms of God. Do not be too sad as we will surely have a grand reunion when we all go home to our place in heaven. I am thankful for each and every minute I had with her in this life. It was not smooth as silk but it was filled with love. We had some fights and disagreements but in the end, we always had each other. We were blessed with you. And now you bless us with Ava. How wonderful is that. I pray that you will be a mother to your daughter like your mom. You can even be better as you have already received some points from her. I bless you with the love only a father can give. I give you my pledge of love as a father. I have loved you since you were born but I love you more now that you are a mother with a family and as one, I know you will always need help. I pray you will go to God in prayer first in everyhting. In joy, in sadness, as a wife to Alain, at work and in raising your daughter. God is always listening and watching you. Because He loves you and wants to give you all the blessings he possibly can.
    That is my New Years wish for you. You have a road full of adventure as a new wife and a new mom. We are with you and want nothing more than to give you the best of ourselves. God bless you always anak and always remember tahat I love you.