30 April 2012

Certified Stage Mother

Who isn't proud of their kids?  Of course everyone loves their kids and would love to show them off.  That's why there are so many contests for them and tons of parenting blogs.  Parents just want to show how proud they are.  I'm most definitely one parent who doesn't mind showing my daughter off.

A couple of months ago, I e-mailed a picture of Ava hoping that she will be featured in Smart Parenting Magazine's April issue Kiddie Greets.  When the time came, I bought the first magazine that I could get my hands on.  To my disappointment, Ava's picture wasn't featured :'(.  I thought all was lost.  But then a couple of days later, SP Magazine's Facebook page had an album of April Kiddie Greets and I was so happy to see this:

Yay!  Look at that adorable face!  Don't you just want to pinch her little cheeks?  Apparently, the picture who gets the most likes will win a prize.  As of today, Ava has more then 70 likes so I'm hopping that she will win.  That will definitely compensate for her not being featured in the magazine.

One of my most favorite blogs is Mommy Fleur.  Recently, she created a feature called This Kid is It!  Her tagline for these features are "Because Filipino kids are just so adorable and fashionably fierce! =)" 

I submitted this photo of Ava hoping that she will be featured:  

and a couple of hours after sending the pictures, Mommy Fleur featured her already!  Yahoo!!!  :D  I'm so happy!

If you're wondering where we got this dress, this was made by one of my officemates, Ms. Elnie, as a birthday gift for Ava.  It's so beautiful!  Actually, the picture does not do it justice.  The detailing is gorgeous.  I don't know how to knit or crochet but I could tell that it is well made.  My mother in law also attests to it.  Thanks again Ms. Elnie!  :D

So, what do you think?  Am I stage mother or what?  Well, if I am, I'm one proud stage mother hehehe... :D

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