04 May 2011

Giving Birth at the Philippine General Hospital

In the weeks preceding the birth of Ava, our ob-gyn, Doc Faye Cagayan advised us that we could choose to give birth in either PGH or Manila Doctors.  Both of these hospitals are very close to our home (appx. 5 mins. away).  My husband and I decided to give birth at the Philippine General Hospital not only for monetary reasons but also we assumed that we would be getting the best medical care there as the best doctors all got there training there.  

Reading the blogs of other mothers who have given birth at PGH, I became a bit apprehensive because there were quite a few of them that gave negative feedback.  However, we couldn't be more happy with the service that we experienced there.  


We initially planned to get a big private room at the pay section of PGH but on the day that we checked in, there were no available rooms in that category.  We were told that we could either get a studio room where we had to share a bathroom with another room or the largest room which is the deluxe room.  Since I'm a bit OC when it comes bathrooms, AP decided to get the deluxe room which cost P 2,900/day.  When we got to the room, we were so surprised at how big it was.  We could literally do somersaults and not hit each other.  It was as large as a condo unit.  The room had its own bathroom, a kitchen, dining area and sala set.  There were two beds (one for the patient and another for visitors.  

Waiting for the nurse to take me to the delivery room.  

The two beds

You could see Robinsons Place Manila from our room

The other window looks out to the Supreme Court

View of the room from my vantage point

Unlike in other hospitals, PGH does not have a private labor room or Lamaze room where patients can be accompanied throughout the entire labor.  Husbands are also not allowed to witness the delivery itself.  Knowing this, Doc Cagayan was kind enough to remind us to bring a camera in order for someone to take pictures of me giving birth.  It was quite difficult for me during the last part of my labor since I expected that AP would be with me to help me in my breathing techniques and with the other stuff that we learned during our birthing classes.  However, the residents and nurses at the labor room were very nice and attentive.  Much props to the staff that had to do the night shift as they were able to stay awake and monitor the progress of my contractions in the middle of the night. 

The delivery room is just outside of the labor room so it is easy to move patients when they are ready to give birth.  I couldn't really give a proper description of the delivery room as I was already screaming in pain and trying with all my might not to push yet.

After I gave birth, I was taken straight to the recovery room as I was given both epidural and localized anesthesia for my episiotomy.  My experience there was quite overwhelming as there were a lot of patients being taken there and the room was filled with both patients and doctors.  Our blood pressure was taken every few minutes by residents.  I was brought in around 11am and I was given clearance to leave at 2pm.  By the time I was taken back to our room, Ava had already been brought in by a nurse.  PGH has a policy of rooming in if the baby is deemed healthy.  Thankfully, Ava did not have any problems so she was brought to the room rather quickly.

Overall Experience:

Overall, I was satisfied with my stay at PGH.  The nurses, residents and other staff personnel were very accommodating and courteous.  We didn't have any problems checking out the next day and all of our other requirements such as Philhealth were completed rather quickly.  If I were to give birth again, I would be happy to do it at PGH as well. :D


  1. hi mam good day po. ask ko lng po how much nagastos nyo sa PGH,dyan din po kc ako mangaganak..dko alam kung mgkano i bubudget ko :)(first time mom po ako) :)..thank u po


  2. hi mayee. our bill was at P 40k pero kasi we stayed in their deluxe room which is the biggest room at pgh. the bill becomes lower if you get a smaller room. i'm not sure of the pricing pero i believe the other categories of their room are:
    1. big private
    2. small private
    3. studio: you have your own room but you share the bathroom with another room
    4. ward: there are 6 patients in one room
    hope this helps! :D

  3. Hi, Im about to give birth by July and I am considering PGH. I would like to know if the 40k that you spent was for overnight only in the room as you mentioned that you checked out the next day. Because my OB in Manila Doctor's gave me a package of 45k for 2 nights.

    1. hi jay! the 40k was for two nights already and included the epidural that i took. :D i spent the first night in the birthing room and the following night in the deluxe room.

  4. Hi, im zen and i am considering PGH din, expected delivery ko is on April 18. Ask ko lang kung yung 40K mo less philhealth na yun, at kasama na ang PF ng OB mo --cover na ba lahat lahat?. Me idea kaba how much pag CS? Can you enlighten me bout the overall expenses. Actually lilipad din ako ng doctor kahit im on my 26th weeks na... di ko kasi kakayanin yung quote sakin ng doctora ko, single mom ako. Pwede ba ako magpa refer sayo sa doctor mo? okey ba siya? magaling at mabait ba kasi first baby ko? eto ang email add ko : zenzuwal@yahoo.com ==i hope you can help me...please...thanks.

  5. Dear Ma'am,

    I am a male foreigner and in a relationship with a woman from the Philippines. Pls may I ask you just one question regarding your delivery?

    You wrote this "Husbands are also not allowed to witness the delivery itself."

    This is so opposite to where I come from that I hardly can believe what you wrote. Can you pls enlighten me why Phili hospitals have this rule?