27 June 2011

lola nonie and ava

The above picture is one of the most cherished pictures that I have taken.  This is the first time ever that my mother held Ava and I was so happy to have captured this moment.  You see, mother is currently battling her second bout of breast cancer.  Her first bout with cancer happened in 2009.  The doctors found that she had cancer in her right breast and did a mastectomy on her.  She underwent chemo during that time.  This year, the cancer in her right breast came back and had spread to her bones.   The doctors decided that she had to undergo another round of chemo.  Last week, she went in to undergo a mastectomy on her left breast as doctors discovered that although she has been getting chemo for her cancer on her right breast, there was another form of breast cancer that had formed on her left breast.  

Because this, I make it a point to take Ava to her grandparents as often as possible.  I want Ava to spend as much time as possible with my Mom because who knows what will happen.  I don't want to deprive Ava of spending time with her grandmother.  Whatever happens, at least I can tell Ava that her grandmother was able to spend time with her when she was still a baby.  Also, my Mom enjoys spending time with Ava and it seems like the visits help her forget what is going on in her life even for a few hours.  

It's very scary to see my Mom so weak.  I've always known her to be a strong and healthy person.  When I was a kid, she rarely got sick.  She didn't even get the colds that much.  Looking at her now, I'm at a loss as to how to help her and I sometimes feel guilty of having a family of my own.  There are times when I wonder what life for her would be like if I was back at home.  Since I moved to Manila, I can't go to Mandaluyong at the drop of the hat.  Because of this, my Dad has to carry the load at home.  I wish that I could be there more so that he doesn't have to be responsible for so much.

Anyway, back to the picture.  In the weeks before this picture was taken, my Mom would not hold or even touch Ava.  I guess she was afraid of dropping her.  But lo and behold, two weeks ago, my Dad placed Ava on my Mom's lap and she finally held my baby. :D  The moment definitely had to be taken.  


  1. Our God decides different paths for us anak and this is what He's chosen for us because He has made us capable of handling our stations in life. Wipe the feelings of guilt but learn the lessons from what you have seen and experienced. ALso, never be far from our Lord. Your mom has accepted Christ as her savior so there is no downside. Keep yoour chin up and be like your mom, be the best mother to your daughter. We love you.