30 May 2011

Yay for Saya Baby Sling

I have been reading on various gadgets that help parents in caring for their babies.  One thing that caught my eye was the Saya Baby Sling.  You can buy this in various local websites but since I wanted to make sure that the I got the right size, I opted to buy it during Expo Mom last May 7, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent.  I was so happy to have found the sling at the Indigo Baby booth.  After a short discussion, Denise advised that I would fit into a large sized sling.  I love using the sling because whenever I use it on Ava, she sleeps longer than usual.  Also, I can try out different positions for Ava as she grows up.  Super sulit!  I'm hoping to buy another design since I don't that many clothes that can go with orange hehehehe...

Using the Saya Baby Sling

Ava sleeping peacefully while being carried on the sling

What the sling looks like in the back.  You have spread out both pieces so that the weight of the baby is spread out.

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