27 July 2011

good bye mom!

dear mom,

it's been 8 days since we laid you to rest and i miss you so much. you were a fighter and trooper during the last few weeks of your life. we were all so surprised that you left us so soon after we found out that your cancer had metastasized to your brain. don't worry about dad and i. we will be okay. dad is going out with his friends a lot. they've been a great support system for him especially robbie and ana lou. he has good people around him, people you love like ate liza, tita tessie and loida. they're taking good care of him, mom. alain, ava and i will also be there for him. we'll spend the weekends with him so that he can see his grand daughter often. mom, don't worry about me. i have a good life now. i have a job that is comfortable and the people there are very supportive. i also have alain and ava now. mom, i'm so glad to have had them during this time, i don't think i could have coped well if they weren't here. i love them so much mom. i just hope i can be a good wife and a good mother to them. i'll remember all the things you told me to do, and the things you told me to change about myself to become a better wife and mother. i hope that i can do all of those things.

yesterday, josephine reyes died. my immediate reaction was going to the phone to call you to tell you about this news. i remember you talking about her when you used to talk about your days at FEU. then i remembered you were gone. i'm sure you know the news now anyway. you probably saw here up there already. i just miss calling you and talking about those kinds of random trivia. dad said that i can do that with ava but all that she'll say for now is "gah." *sigh*

i miss you mom. i wish you were still here with us. it's lola remy's birthday today. we're all going out to have dinner with her. i wish that you were there also. i love you mom. dad loves you. and most especially, ava loves you.

you daughter,

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