31 July 2011

time for a change

me at 162  lbs. (july 16, 2011)
with all the stuff that has happened in the past few months, giving birth, raising a very "makulit" baby girl, returning to my  job, my mom's sickness and passing, life has been a roller coaster ride lately.  it is to the point that i haven't been taking care of myself anymore.  my me time consists of the precious 6 hours of sleep that hopefully only gets interrupted once by a kicking 3 month old.  in the past few weeks, i have gained back the 12 pounds that i lost since april, haven't been threaded my eyebrows in months, haven't worn make up in months and have ignored the annoying flip that my hair does when it isn't fixed right.  i really do feel that it's time for a change.

last week, i began my quest to finally loose weight.  on top of the 12 pounds that i regained, i need to loose about 20 more pounds which i gained slowly over the paste few years. i also want to do this for ava and alain.  i want to be able to be with them and have them not worry about me so much.  my family medical history does not bode well.  my mom and dad both have high blood pressure and diabetes.  in the last week of my mom's life, doctors confirmed that her diabetes exacerbated her cancer.  also, they were having a difficult time helping my mom since they had to consider her blood sugar levels and blood pressure.  it was to the point that the medications that they were giving her made her sugar level soar and the diabetologist had to give her insulin every hour.  exercising and controlling food intake are my weapons to control that.

i signed up for a lifetime membership in one of the gyms near my house last week.  they already assigned me a trainer and dietitian.  i have also been attending various exercise classes in the gym.  my food intake?  still need to work on that.  its so hard since i super duper love food.  but i'm slowly getting there.  this morning, i weighed in and it says that i've already lost 3 lbs.  yahoo!  this definitely is encouraging.

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