31 July 2011

latest pictures of ava (july 29-30, 2011)

 a couple of days ago, a neighbor of ours approached ava and mamu.  she asked mamu if ava was a boy or a girl.  our neighbor thought that ava was a boy because she has big thighs.  hmph!  so we put a headband on her.  she looks good.  am thinking of going online to look for shops to buy nice headbands.  any suggestions?  apologies for the blurry pictures.  Since the memory card of the avacam broke a week or so ago, we are back to using our mobile phones to take pictures of ava. 
ava can now easily roll over.  she now prefers to sleep on her stomach.
as you can see in the picture, she gets that from her dada.

she does not keep still!  hence, the blurry picture.
no matter the time of day, she is always moving.
makes me wonder if this is normal for a 3 month old.

her dada finally gets her to hold still but he's the one who becomes blurry.  *sigh*

look mama, i'm a girl!


  1. Try Mama.Baby.Love for girly stuff. :) http://fabnaima.multiply.com/

  2. Thank you Eliza! Will check this out. Shopping galore! Wheeee... :D