02 August 2011

August is World Breastfeeding Month

Amazing Mommies!  

While breastfeeding may seem like such an easy thing today, it's no joke.  I had to go through latching problems, problems with an inverted nipple and pain before Ava and I could successfully breastfeed.  During the first few days of breastfeeding, I cried to high heavens because of frustration but I shouldered on.   I'm just grateful that I chose to try breastfeeding Ava.  I was actually formula fed when I was a baby.  My Mom said that she tried for a week but just felt like I wasn't getting enough milk.  Thankfully, I had more materials on breastfeeding that she has.  The mommy blogs definitely helped a lot.  Also, my FB friends are great.  One time I was so frustrated and I put it on my status and tons of people answered.  It was so amazing! :D

However, last month, we had to decided to supplement Ava with formula for my breastmilk because I couldn't lactate that well during the time of my Mom's wake.  Now, we're slowly going back to giving her more breastmilk instead of formula and hopefully, she'll be exclusively breastfed during the month.  I'm very happy with breastfeeding as I can see how Ava is growing just by taking in my milk.  She's so alert and very makulit.  Sometimes it feels like we are talking to an adult instead of a baby.  Is this the effect of breastfeeding?  I don't know but I sure hope so.

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  1. I am very glad that you've stuck to breastfeeding. Your daughter will surely benefit from it. I am glad that your pedia was most encouraging and very dedicated to pushing breastfeeding to the new moms. Keep on charging anak.