21 August 2011

Celebrating Ava's Fourth Month

We celebrated Ava's fourth month in Mandaluyong with Lolo Jojo and her other Lolas and Titas.  Ordered a pizza and pasta alfredo from Yellow Cab and a chocolate cake from Red Ribbon.  Alain asked to include a candle with the cake so we were able to teach Ava how to blow a candle.  She's getting there.  At least we have eight more months to practice before her party for her first birthday.

A picture of me and my Mama and Dada

I'm four months old already!

My celebration dinner:  Yellow Cab and Red Ribbon

Mama and Dada singing to me

Blow you candle Ava!

Blow the candle like this baby

Hmmm...like this Mama?

Very good anak but Mama already did it for you.
Next time nalang okay?

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