23 August 2011

Forty Days without Mom

It was my Mom's 40th day last Monday.  Instead of holding the usual gathering on the day itself, my Dad and I opted to move it to Sunday instead.  A number of family and close friends came to remember my Mom through kwentuhan and of course through food.  Although remembering her passing still leaves a huge lump in my heart, I'm glad to know just how many people care for my Dad and I.  It was amazing how many people came out to help in the preparations.  I will forever be grateful for that.

Of course, Ava was her usual bubbly self.  I think she was excited to see new faces.  I guess she's getting tired of looking at us the entire day.  A lot of people carried her but she didn't mind.  Everyone was surprised at how active and talkative she is at just four months.  That's our Ava, our little sunshine.  :D

The Pangans and the Vicencios
(Lolo Peping, me, Alain, Jillian w/ Ava, Jasmine, Mama Sally, Lola Remy)
Ava with Tita Marie
Grace, Tita Tessie and Tita Marie
The Food
MGIM Family
Mom's remaining sisters:  Tita Baby and Tita Tessie
Ate Liza and Grace
Adalid Cousins:  Me, Ate Aggie and Grace
With Dad
Ava with Lola Baby and Ate Janine

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