08 August 2011

Is it the weekend already?

Next weekend will be a busy weekend for us.  On Friday, Alain and I will be registering for Ava's baptism.  We will be holding it at Malate Church, the same church that Alain and his brother were baptized.  We just need to finalize the dates and then we'll inform our friends and loved ones.  It's probably going to be small and intimate event without much fanfare.

Also, have already cornered Alain to say yes in going to two mommy-centered events:

Hopefully, he'll say yes to bringing Ava along. :D  We'll be staying in Mandaluyong for the weekend to spend time with Dad and also to be nearer to the Fort area for the two events.

Heard that we will be meeting Dad's new "baby" this weekend.  He getting a basset hound or the Hush Puppies dog hehehe... :D

Is it the weekend already? :D

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