08 August 2011

Our Busy Weekend

Our weekend was quite jam packed.  Saturday was check up and booster shot day for Ava and Sunday was the baptism of Ava's cousin Virgil.  Still, we were able to spend a few moments together as a family in our room early Saturday morning.  We introduced Ava to the webcam of our laptop and well, you can see how well she took to it.

We took Ava to her pediatrician, Dr. Ces Alinea or Tita Doc last Saturday.  To our delight, Tita Doc told us that Ava is developmentally and physically on the 6 month mark already!  To think that she's only three and a half months old.  Tita Doc explained that one of the major factors Ava's advancement is the breast milk that she takes in.  So happy that the stress and hard work is paying off. :D

Ava and Alain waiting for Tita Doc.
Headband is from the Ablans,
outfit is from Lolo Raoul and Lola Weng,
bib is from Tito Ferdie and Tita Malone.
After her appointment, we dropped Ava home and Alain and I proceeded to Robinsons Ermita to have dinner and to buy a gift for Ava's cousin, Virgil.  

Ava is currently at the stage where she loves making bubbles with her saliva.  Her clothes are constantly wet and we have to be on hand to wipe all the saliva away.  In order to protect her clothes and to save time, we found this cute Winnie the Pooh bib at Robinsons Deptarment Store.  No need to fuss around with velcros or buttons or strings.  You just put it on like a shirt and viola!  We bought five of these.

We bought our gift at Toys 'R Us.  Been wanting to get Ava an activity gym for quite some time now.  We got Ava and Virgil one each.

Infantino Wiggle Worm Gym for Virgil
Playgro Jungle Journey Gym for Ava
Due to the booster shot, Ava wasn't feeling too well on Sunday but we still opted to take her along to the reception for Virgil.  She slept the entire time she was there.  Poor Virgil was looking at her but she was just too out of it to notice him.  Sorry kiddo, Ava will make it up to you next time. :D

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