04 August 2011

My Breastfeeding Heroes

Since August is World Breastfeeding Month, I would like to say thank you to the two women who have been most encouraging in my journey to breastfeed.

Tita Doc giving us our first lecture on breastfeeding.
First is our pediatrician, Dr. Ces Alinea.  On the day that Ava was born, Doc Ces or Tita Doc came to our room to discuss everything about breastfeeding.  My Dad was so impressed with her because she talked to us for more than an hour on the topic.  From the merits of breastfeeding to various breastfeeding positions, she did not leave the room until we understood it all.  Even now when we see her for Ava's check ups, she encourages us to breastfeed while in her office. Also, she encourages us to call her if we have any questions.  We all fell in love with her. 

Judy at my baby shower which she helped organize.
Next is my friend Judy Aca-Saclamitao.  I've known of her since she was a teacher at UA&P when I was a student there.  We became friends when I began working at PBSP.  Judy breastfed her son for 9 months and he is now a healthy and happy 2 year old.  When I was pregnant, Judy would tell me how she pumped milk in our office just so that her son will be exclusively on breast milk only.  She also gave me pointers on how increase my milk supply.  We would have long text messages just talking about breastfeeding.  When I went back to work, she gave me her unused milk bags which were super sturdy and super convenient to use.  Her stories about expressing milk in the office instilled in me the idea that breastfeeding is good and you should never be ashamed of it.

How about you girls?  Who are your breastfeeding heroes?

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