01 November 2011

Goodbye My Trusty Glasses!

Today, my daughter attacked my Swissflex glasses.  *sigh*  I thought I would never have to deal with this with her but unfortunately, it just happened. I could have opted to just have the broken part replaced but my husband and I decided not to since the replacement would cost P 1,500 alone.  I can already buy a new pair of fairly decent glasses with that price.  It makes me a bit sad to have to part ways with it.  I've had this pair of glasses since 2006.  This was my first big purchase using my own money and I've used it everyday since.  It really feels like parting with an old friend.  Sorry, I'm being melodramatic but I love my glasses.

Anyway, moving on, I now have to find a new pair of glasses that will be baby/kiddie proof.  What kind of style should I get?  Do I have to buy glasses with thicker frames so that they will be sturdier?  I also need a style that is wearable for all sorts of occasions since I wear it everyday.

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