28 January 2012

Baguio Trip Day 1 1.20.12

A couple of weeks ago, while my Dad was visiting us here in Malate, he received a call from his friend's secretary telling him that his friend's cabin in Camp John Hay was available to be used the weekend of January 21 and so right then and there we made plans to go up to Baguio on January 20 which was a Friday and take advantage of the three day weekend that lasted until Monday.  :D

This is Ava's second trip to Baguio.  The first one was last October to visit Alain on his birthday.  It was such a quick trip that we weren't able to relax and get to explore Baguio at a leisurely pace.  Also, it was raining almost the entire time that we were there so we didn't get to go around the various parks.

For this trip, we were lucky enough to stay two whole days in Baguio.  We were able to drive around and see whatever we wanted to see.  Along with Alain, Ava and my Dad the other people who came with us were Mama, Papa, Alain's brother, Alvin, his wife, Girlie, their two kids, Naima and Virgil.  Instead of taking the bus, Alvin drove us to and from Baguio.  

We had breakfast at Jollibee, Petron Station at the NLEX
Ava's first time to take a picture with Jollibee

Ava and Virgil waiting for their order

Ava:  "Mama, I'm hungry already..."

Naima and Virgil posing inside the car

We went up Baguio via Kennon Road in order to...

...take pictures at the Lion

Our gorgeous home away from home... :D

Ava crawled around and explored the house while...

...Ate Naima went crazy with all the extra space

Since everyone just wanted to rest, Dad, Alain and I went down to the Mile-Hi Center
and ordered take out at Little John's

While waiting for our take out, Dad and I had some coffee... :D 

A photo of Ava and I in front of the roaring fireplace

Over-all, the trip going up to Baguio was quite pleasant.  We were lucky to have our own transportation which is very important if you have two nine-month olds traveling with you.  Both Ava and Virgil were able to be fussy, sleepy and cranky anytime they wanted without other travelers trying to shush them.  Also, it was great for the adults because we could stop anytime we wanted for a bathroom break or just to stretch our legs.  

The home of my Dad's friend was amazing!  It had a masters bedroom and three other bedrooms which all had two twin size beds.  There were also four sofa beds in the living room, just in case you ran out of beds already hehehe... :D  There was a fully functional kitchen and a complete set of kitchenware so we were able to just have breakfast at home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Even until now, I'm still in awe of that house.  Arriving at the house was a great ending for our road trip. 

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