30 January 2012

Baguio Trip Day 2 1.21.12

On our second day in Baguio, we decided to go to the BenCab Museum.  Not only does museum house the private collection of Philippine National Artist Bejamin Cabrera, it also has various collections that show artwork from all throughout the history of the Philippines.  Wanting to see something unique in Baguio, two grand parents, two sets of parents, a 5-year old and two infants drove to the museum.  Although we knew that the it was located outside the city proper and we had already looked up the directions, it still took a little bit of time for us to actually find the place.  It's all good as we were enjoying the fresh air and also the scenery of Baguio.  

After about forty-five minutes of driving, we found the museum.

Taking a picture of the first sculpture that you will see 
while descending the first set of steps of the museum

The museum is broken down into various rooms housing BenCab Gallery, Cordillera Gallery, Philippine Contemporary, Print GalleryMaestro Gallery, Erotica Gallery, Sepia Gallery, Patio Salvador, Larawan Hall.

Here I am trying to shield Ava from the Erotica Gallery but it was too late!

Ava and Alain posing in one of the Cordillera Galleries

For lunch, we went down to the museum's restaurant, Cafe Sabel

The view from our table at the restaurant

Ava, Alain and I went down to the gardens to see all the greenery
and to hang out at the nipa hut in the middle of the pond

After spending the entire afternoon in the museum, we trooped back to 
Camp John Hay to rest and relax. Here's Ate Naima entertaining the kids.

Dad invited his radio friends during dinner.  By friends, I mean about twenty or so 
ham radio enthusiasts who were in Baguio for the PARA Board Meeting and the Grand Eye-Ball. 
We took advantage of this and used the bonfire that was made to roast hot dogs.

Bencab Museum is located at Km. 6, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet.
Directions can be found here.
Map can be found here.

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