02 February 2012

Baguio Trip Day 3 1.22.12

We spent our third day in Baguio doing the toursity things in Baguio.  We visited Good Shepherd in Minesview Park for pasalubongs, passed by the Mansion House and went to Minesview Park.  The weather cooperated the entire day and the kiddos had a great time breathing in the fresh air of Baguio.  They enjoyed being out so much, they didn't even complain when we stayed at Good Shepherd's for the better part of lunch.

Going up to Minesview Park, we were greeted by this tree that was being carved.
It was a welcome site while waiting in traffic.

Instead of stopping at Minesview Park to look at the view,
we went straight to Good Shepherd.  

The obligatory Minesview shot for Virgil and Girlie

This was Ava's 2nd time here and she still enjoyed taking pictures here

Waiting in line to order pasalubong at Good Shepherd

There was a huge crowd  of people buying pasalubongs
We figured that they were all leaving Baguio on that day

You can now use your credit card to purchase goodies here.
You just need to line up at select counters.

The horses at Wright Park

We were hoping to take the kiddies horseback riding but
the kids got scared so we just took pictures.

We were surprised that there were cars lined up inside
the Mansion House.  It turned out that PNoy was spending
the weekend at Baguio.

This is why I love park...instant photo shoots!  :D

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