03 February 2012

Baguio Trip Day 4 1.23.12

Since it was a three-day weekend, we were able to leave Baguio on Monday instead of Sunday.  Monday morning was spent cleaning up the house and preparing for the trip down.  Of course, we had to get in our last few pictures for posterity's sake.  After leaving the cabin, we went to SM Baguio to take in the view of Baguio from there and to buy snacks for our loooong drive.  

The traffic leaving Baguio was moderate.  I guess the majority of the travelers had already gone home on Sunday.  We decided to drop by Manaoag and then have dinner at Isdaan at Gerona, Tarlac.  

We arrived in Manila around 10pm.  Although tired from the trip, we were all happy with the new experiences that we had that weekend.  We are all so blessed to be able to go on these kinds of trips with our kids.  Plus, it is great to create new memories with our new family.

The Vicencio-Pangan family photo.  We're all in our sleep attire still hehehe...

LoJo and Ava saying good-bye to Cabin 112

Our family photo.  My how our family has grown!

After saying good-bye to the house, we took Ava to SM Baguio.

Enjoying the view from SM

Hanging out at Figaro in SM Baguio

Our Lady of Manaoag

Buying candles to light at Manaoag

Basket display at Isdaan

The popular Taksiapo wall.  Was planning on trying it out 
but was too tired and hungry already.

Groups could choose to eat in their very own nipa huts

One of the many cooking stations that are spread out in the complex

Kids are required to wear life vests when in the restaurant.

There were a lot of free activities for kids.
Kids could use these bikes and other playthings while in the complex.

Isdaan has various forms of entertainment for its guests.
A man on stilts was walking around when we were there.

They also provided face painting for the kids.

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