03 February 2012

Aaah Choo!

Apparently, it's the flu season again in the Pangan household.  It all started with Ava and Virgil getting sick right after coming home from Baguio.  For Ava, her temperature spiked up on the Tuesday after we got back.      Mama took care of her buy giving her cold sponge bath every few hours but her temperature would go down slightly and then shoot back up.   After a day or so, she started having cough and colds. So I contacted our pedia and she said to bring her in for a check up.  According to her, Ava has tonsillitis which would normally just run its course for five days.  However, if it didn't go away after five days, she would have to take antibiotics three times a day for a week to combat the virus.  So on the sixth day with the go ahead of our doctor, we bought Ava her antibiotics since she was still feverish.  Ava is now at the fifth day of her antibiotics and she's almost back to her usual kulit self.  

Unfortunately, now, almost all the adults in the house are sick also.  I had to opt not to go to work today because I'm the one feeling feverish now.  Ava's Mamu and Papu both have sore throats and colds.  Alain's the only one who isn't sick...yet.  *sigh*  

Day 1 of Ava's sickness.  We put a cool pad on her head and kept on
giving her cool sponge baths.

Day 2:  Ava was up the night.  Her temp spiked to 39 degrees here.

Day 4:  Ava and LoJo visiting Tita Dok.  You wouldn't 
suspect that Ava was sick.

Knocked out after Tita Dok's examination of her.

Ava's medications:  Calpol (Paracetamol), Loviscol (Carbocisteine),
Neozep (Chlorpheniramine) and Himox (Amoxcicillin)
Tita Dok also said to use a humidifier nebulizer to clear up her blocked passages.

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