07 February 2012

Smoothie Crazy!

When we were in Baguio, we visited our family friends, Bert and Amy Bulos.  When we were at their home, they introduced us to green smoothies.  Auntie Amy blended kamote tops, spinach, mangoes and bananas together.  We decided to give Ava a small taste of the smoothie just to see how she takes to it.  

Alain giving Ava a sip of the green smoothie...

She's happy!  :D

Our green monster after drinking two glasses of smoothies
Surprisingly, she loved it!  She was able to finish two glasses of the smoothie in just one sitting.  Now that we are back from Baguio, I have resolved to make green smoothies at least once a day for Ava and my consumption.

Here's Ava at home after drinking the green smoothie made of spinach, sili tops, bananas and mangoes.

Let the journey to being healthy begin!  :D

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