22 February 2012

Preparing Ava to take Flight One Baby Step at a Time

Time sure has flown by so quickly!  Ava is now 10 months old and learning how to walk.  She can now stand on her own while holding onto something. Not only can she walk while an adult is holding her up but she can easily climb up and down our stairs.  How crazy is that!?!  It seems like only yesterday when we had to carry her everywhere. 

To help her along, we decided to buy her a Little Footprints Walker which we got at Toys R Us in Robinsons Manila.  What made us decide to buy this out of all the other brands?  This was the only walker whose toys could not be taken apart.  We also liked that the walker could be converted to become an activity table.

Here are some pictures of how Ava took to the walker:

Trying to learn how to push and walk at the same time

Ava showing her Dada how her walker turns into an activity table

Happy Ava and her walker

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