27 August 2013

Pinterest Recipes: Hot Chocolate

I've been an active user of Pinterest for quite sometime now.  I have pinned so many photos hoping that I would able to use them in the near future.  Since the weather the past few days had our teeth and bones chattering, I was able to whip out some Pinterest recipes for hot chocolate.

It tried out two recipes during the week.  The first one is Nutella Hot Cocoa by Cookin' Cowgirl. Click on the link to check out her blog for the recipe.  

Prepping the ingredients

The recipe called for using just one teaspoon of cocoa.  At first I thought that there would be not much chocolate taste, but I was pleasantly surprised that the 3 tablespoons of Nutella compensated for that.  The drink was quite sweet and rich but it was comforting.

It was so rich, I had to share with my Dad

The next hot chocolate drink that I made was Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate by The Cooking Actress.  This was much smoother than I expected.  Normally, when I put in peanut butter on my drink, I would still feel the chunks of peanut butter that have not melted.  With this recipe, I just got the taste of peanut butter and not the feel of the chunks.

The smooth concoction of Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

My nights definitely became warmer with these two drinks on hand.  Might have to cut back though because of the calories but I'll let it slide for now.  


  1. Yummy!!! Perfect for rainy days! :D

    xo Patty | MrsC

    1. Next time, I'm going to try a Butterbeer Latte recipe that I also found on Pinterest. :)

  2. Aw so glad the pb hot chocolate worked out for you-thanks to linking to me also :)

    1. I loved it! Thanks so much for commenting. I'm going to try your One Pan Chicken Alfredo next!