23 August 2013

Watching Barney Live in Concert

Ava LOVES Barney the purple dinosaur. She has watched so many videos of Barney that she has memorized most of his songs. She even knows what episodes are featured just by looking at a photo. It has come to the point where even Alain and I will sing Barney songs even if Ava isn't around. It's scary actually. Of course, we just had to get tickets to watch Barney when we heard that the he was going to have a concert and a meet at greet here in the Philippines. 

Recently, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls brought Barney to the Philippines. Megaworld's malls are Eastwood Mall, Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Lucky Chinatown and Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. We decided to go to the concert that will be held at Newport Mall. In order to get a ticket and VIP pass for four people, we had to purchase P 1,500 worth of Barney products at Magnavision kiosks located in the malls. The VIP pass allowed us to participate in the Meet and Greet and have our picture taken with Barney.

On the day of the concert, we went trooped to Newport Mall. We brought with us Ava's cousin, Naima. We waited a while for the concert to start. Ava was even able to take a nap while waiting for the show. When she heard the perky voice of Barney's co-host, she was up immediately. And at last, Ava met her idol. What happened? Well, she was in shock at first. We think she bit the inside of her mouth really hard because she got this really sore the day after the show. After the initial shock, she sang and danced along to the songs. And all too quickly, the show ended. We lined up to take photos with Barney. 

Was it worth it? Of course! Just seeing how excited Ava was to see her idol brought tears to my eyes. Yeah, I'm a softie that way! I'm sure if Barney comes to town again, we will be in line to get tickets.

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