29 November 2011

Ava and Her Very First First Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we took Ava to attend the first birthday party of the daughter of Alain's boss who is also my former boss when I was still in that company.  I would like to think that Ava understood and enjoyed being at the party but who am I kidding?  I was the one who had a blast hahaha!

loved the backdrop!  it was like we really were in sanrio world. :D
The theme of the party was Hello Kitty.  There was this adorable mural/backdrop of all the Sanrio characters where you would take pictures.  The host/magician was very funny and entertaining.  Wish I was able to get his name though.  Since I was happy to see my former officemates and to catch up with them.  Its great to be able to once again talk to some of the nicest people that I know.  

Trying out the chairs at the kids area
Sitting in an adult chair secured by the gro company chair
harness, a gift from tito troy.
We were able to try out the Gro Company chair harness which was a gift from my Tito Troy to Ava.  Considering we've never put Ava on it until the party, we were glad that she stayed still in the chair for five minutes!  :D  The harness is easy to use.  It only had two set of buckles, one to secure the harness to the chair and the other to secure Ava.  We will try this out again when we go out with Ava.

now that's a loot bag!  ava looks like she is
ready to go to school already *sigh*
By the way, did you see the balloon centerpiece at the beginning of the entry?  We had to take it home because Ava went CRAZY for it.  She went up on the table and attempted to crawl to it.  When we tried to leave the centerpiece behind, she started crying.  We had to carry the centerpiece while watching the light show at Ayala Triangle.  I wonder where this child gets that headstrong character from???  So know we have the centerpiece parked in our living room and Ava uses it as a punching bag.  Her Mamu and Papu have to watch her to stop her from popping the balloons.  :D  Well, at least she enjoys her new "toy."

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