05 July 2013

Diving Headfirst into the WAHM World

It has been nine months!  Yes, nine months since I last posted on this blog! I can not believe how time has flown by so quickly!

In the past nine months, I have been working but last April, I decided to take the plunge.  I decided to leave my office job and work from home!  There were a number of factors that made me consider leaving my job: 

  1. Costs: My costs for transportation, food and other expenses during the day left little savings.  It was not worth the time and effort anymore.
  2. Time:  I spent more time either at the office or commuting to and from the office.    I would leave the house at 7 am and arrive home at around 8 pm. Out of the entire day, I spent only three hours with Ava. 
  3. Relationships:  The stress at work really affected my relationship with my family especially my husband.  Since I did not have any one to turn to at the office, I took out all of my frustrations on him.
  4. Happiness:  I just was not happy with my job.  While it did help pay the bills, I just did not want to be there any more.
At the end of the day, the reason why I quit my job is because I want to spend time with Ava.  Everyday, she is learning new things and growing up while I am at work.  I want to become a part of her life.  I want to see her grow up and not have to hear from someone else what she has accomplished during the day.  In the future, I want to take her to her first day of school and I also want to be there for her during her school activities.  If I continued to take on an office job, I do not think that it would be possible for me to be with her that much.

It has been five days since my last day at the office.  I am slowly taking steps to becoming a work at home mom (WAHM).  I am so surprised at how large the WAHM community is here in the Philippines.  I have actually been a member of a WAHM group on Facebook and the women there are so inspiring.  Last month, I introduced myself and told them that I would be quitting my job and just like that, a number of the members responded to me and gave advice on how I could begin finding work.  Through their advice, I have applied to various on-line sites to see if my skills will be a fit to their openings.  I am so grateful to them.  I hope that this will be the start of an amazing experience.  

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