05 July 2013

Support National Children's Book Day

Growing up, I was a book worm.  I am not sure how it started.  I honestly do not remember my parents reading to me when I was a kid.  What I do remember is that my mom used to take me to the local library and I would spend hours there just reading books.  I remember borrowing the first book series of Nancy Drew and finishing them in just a few weeks.

From library books, I transitioned into buying Young Adult books that were popular at the time like Sweet Valley, Baby Sitters Club and of course the scary Fear Street series.  Hmmm...I know I still have these books around here somewhere...Note to self:  Must find them...

Reading books benefited me in so many ways.  It opened the door to my imagination and showed me that anything is possible.  Academically, my highest grades were always English and Literature.  I definitely credit that to reading.  

Now that I have a daughter, I want to instill in her at an early age the joy of reading.  My husband and I are doing this by buying her books, most of them cardboard books since Ava still enjoys tearing pages off books, literally.

Recently, a good friend of mine from college began promoting this media campaign on Facebook about National Children's Book Day (July 16, 2013). His company, Halo Halo is spearheading this activity to celebrate free digital children's books on National Children's Book Day. It is the GRAND ONLINE LAUNCH of Halo Halo and they will be releasing their 1st FREE FILIPINO CHILDREN'S BOOK.

Halo Halo is a digital publishing company for FREE children's books in English and Filipino. They publish books to promote art, education and advocacies to kids, parents, and teachers. At the same time, they are a space for writers and illustrators to build their portfolio by creating digital children's books and earn from Paypal or Crowdfunding. 

After the launch, Halo Halo will release books on a bi-weekly basis. Readers will be notified by an E-mail newsletter or on Facebook

For more information, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZjEpcgLU4Y&feature=player_embedded

Want to help out with the campaign? Check out this link: http://thndr.it/1cLIiUB.

Checkout their test book at: http://www.halohalobooks.com/fivechickens/

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